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Not off the rails…. 

Just temporarily out of steam. A few days ago I accidentally attempted some introspection, it didn’t go well. I really must remember that with  my brain, much like a loaded gun, it’s important for your own survival. So I have taken on water, stoked the furnace and I look forward to a nice head of steam returning at some point. 

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I Lost on Jeopardy… 

I’ll take things that can be mixed for 500 Alex… 

  • Vodka and tonic 
  • Cake batter
  • Receptions
  • Feelings 
  • Reviews 

And of course tapes…

When I buy stuff it’s not always to keep the wolf from the door, because the wolfs just a puppy and the doers double locked, so why you got to worry me for? (Apologies to Passanger). I also buy stuff because it amuses me, or makes me think of a joke, or a stokes the coal on a train of thought. My brain seems to thrive on wordgames and esoteric stimulation, and bad puns more often than not. I’m not sure if it falls into observational humor, or prop comedy, or somewhere in between. Maybe it’s just my equivalent of a pile of badly typed conversation starter cards.  A reason to talk (or write as the case may be) about something apart from relationship issues and what’s on the telly. 

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Book Re-Boot….

A busy day…. most of my book notes are in order… and all of the writing is now on one file… not scattered across two computers and an iPad…. It was odd to read everything I had written in one go, and after so long away from it…. I found myself enjoying the story, and wanting to know what happened next…. Is that a weird thing to say about your own work?

It has definitely motivated me to get back to work on it…. I will try and set at least one hour aside a day for writing…. It is also motivating to look at some of the thumbnail sketches I did for the books…. I will refine them as I work on the story… but I took another quick run at one of the older pictures today…. It counts as drawing practice anyway…


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Man of Letters….

I kept track today…..5 hours spent filling in forms, writing letters and general box ticking…. I am not fond of petty bureaucracy and the paper prison it creates, but it is a necessary evil…. Much of the day was spent either having a hand out to one group, or a finger up to another… Forms for faceless government departments, to make sure I can afford to feed the kids… Forms for university departments to transfer subjects from my psychology degree to my bachelor of arts degree… Forms asking for scholarships for myself and draft letters to bursars asking for special consideration for children and their schooling… I even started filling out an arts grant or three…. and after all that, I started getting a few chapters of “my book” in order…. It may be time to try finding that agent, as I have been told it is better to find an agent than try to find a publisher…


There is of course a digital copy, and I do write on a laptop most of the time…. but there is also something in my wiring that means I need to scrawl things on bits of paper and sketch the thumbnail illustrations on napkins….


The ideas seem to flow a bit better, with coffee and pens and time to think away from a keyboard…. Annoulge is better for creativity… digital is better for all the pesky work bit…


I think I need a nice big board to pin it all too… and maybe run red string between pins… Possibly a little bit serial killer or gentleman sleuth?



Work on the book, or should I say 5 books has been a bit sporadic over the past few years, with all the life drama, fiction seemed a bit difficult…. So as I assess the situation it looks like this Book One – First draft complete (7 Chapters)… Book Two first 4 Chapters complete…. Book Three – First chapter complete… Book Four – Synopsis and some dialogue … Book Five – Synopsis and some dialogue….   and a very big folder of sketches that span all 5 books…. So maybe the large board to pin it all to, isn’t such a bad idea….

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