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Not My Memories… 

This is about a family memento not a Guy Pearce Memento. I’m taking a bit of break from introspective blog posts, and returning to a more reactive post. 

Today I’m reacting to a common issue I face when it comes to finds that are made from silver or gold. Specifically heirloom items, grannies brooch and uncle Vladimirs silver christening spoon. Ok, specifically wasn’t the right word there, but let’s just use those as an example. Your Granny has fallen of the roof (that’s an old joke about breaking news softly), and the relatives come in to sort out her house. Everyone takes what they want and the rest more often than not ends up at either the charity shop or the tip. Now as far as I’m concerned that’s where any sentimentality should end. I’m not in the business of preseving someone else’s memories, I barely do better than Guy Pearce in that department for my own. So when I find something like this brooch set, I have two choices. 

  1. I can repair, clean and try and sell.
  2. I can pop out the stone and sell for scrap.

The first option requires time and effort and requires me to find someone that will pay for the time and effort plus the gold value. The second option requires 30 seconds with a pair of pliers and into the safe till the next trip to the gold buyer. You may say “don’t destroy the memories”, and I say I’m not, memories aren’t things, and even if they were its not my memories. Honestly if grannies descendants don’t care why is it my job? 

So this time it’s scrap, and it’s not that big a loss. It’s not great quality, if it wasn’t gold it wouldn’t be of any value anyway. I’d rather pay the rent with this brooch, and risk the wrath of the slightly less practical among you. 

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Day 128 – Framed…

Woke up quite late… Spent most of the day being annoyed at my phone… No seriously, from late morning till early evening I was actually annoyed at phone, it’s current content and it’s apparent complete inability to act as a gatekeeper for my currently fragile psyche… I finally snapped and gave it a talking too… Uncorking my bottle as it were… I am sure it will fit me up later, and things that I said will be used against me… It’s a fair cop gov? More like keeping schtum and call my brief…

Speaking of frame ups… Late 19th – Early 20th century large frame with original convex glass… With original photo of child on a rocking horse… It’s creepy and it’s kooky, and altogether my kind of thing…


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Day 126 – Still got that Chair thing then?….

Why yes I do…. Your a hard habit to break, I can’t quit you and all that kind of thing…. I find it hard to resist a well turned leg or keep away from well padded seat…

I also like the look of envy on the faces of others, as I walk out of a thrift shop with a Le Corbusier Sling Chair on my arm….

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Day 119 – The Green Lantern….

Not the Ryan Reynolds variety, thank the gods… Personally I think Chris Evans would have made a much better Green Lantern. (You are welcome comic book nerds)… In fact Ryan Reynolds would be my third choice, right after today’s op-shop purchase…


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Day 115 – Fifty Shades of Khaki…

I ordered some books about knots the other day (nothing suss)…. Today I found a bag of old scout patches which included a few lengths of very knotted rope… This scout obviously earned his knot tying badge…


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