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Love What You Buy and Sell What You Love….

The question I am asked most often by people is “How do you know what to buy?”…. They are either disappointed, or annoyed by the answer… “I don’t know, I just buy stuff that I like?”… I think they find that answer annoying, because they think I am implying that I have better taste then they do, or that I am hiding the magic secret from them… One of those is true….

I have always been a fan of belts and buckles, so it seems strange that I have never really bought and sold them…. I have bought them, but only for my own wardrobe… That means I have passed on some awesome vintage items because I wouldn’t wear it or it wouldn’t fit….

So a new line for me is accessories, I have been embarrassingly good at vintage handbags… I would prefer the slightly more rock n roll image of vintage belts, wallets and other man-accesories…

I must admit I do have a lot of mantiques in the cool vintage accessories… Buckles, belts, silver flasks and cigarette cases…. I have started picking up some great old hand tooled leather belts… and I sure there are lots more of them out there, just waiting for a new buckle and a polish….

I also like the fact they take up less room than furniture, well they will if don’t go overboard….

So it is a good thing I never go overboard… Honest….

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