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A Few Fun Things for a Monday…

A quick visit to the local thrift store on the way to class…. Some good timing saw me arrive just as they were putting out the weekend donations…

Yet another typewriter…. but next market season I will be able to sell every one I find so it was a must grab for $2… Everything else I bought came to $10… so it was a bargain day…

A big box of board games… this was the pick of the bunch… the rest however a quite playable (Scrabble, dominoes etc) and will keep the kids amused for 30 seconds on the weekend…

Some Vintage plastic model kits… all still sealed inside… easy to move and easy to store…

And this super colourful 60s Needlepoint, not sure what to do with it… maybe a cushion?

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Day 2 – Thumper Finds….

A pretty good day for not being a negative…. is that a double negative? Does that it make it a positive? I have a new warning system… I have requested that people stick a finger in my ear if I start saying something negative… Like a wet willy… but without the wet… or willy… I must be doing well, I only got one insertion today..

I thought in addition to being a little ray of sunshine, I might also share some of the thrift store items I grab as we go…. These mid-century Bulls are going to live in my house for a while…. Due to the fact that I keep finding them, and selling them… Maybe the universe is trying to tell me I need a pair of these….

A box… Brass and bamboo…. very heavy… as for age or original purpose, not a clue…

One of those items that always amazes me…. How things like this can still be sitting at garage sales late in the day… Ignored by all those early morning bargain hunters, I wonder if they thought its $2 in must be a reproduction… It isn’t…

Three different shops… Three tea boxes…. I am hoping that I will find a lot more of these… The idea is make a large CD rack from them… so maybe Karma will provide me with another 50 or so…. If I am super nice 🙂

Now here is a tricky one… A $5 box…. It was a very nice box, that is why I bought it… It also appears to be filled with someone elses memories… A picture of a mini, and a picture of a small dog… A receipt for a new Datsun ($1800)… An Ansett airline discount photo id….  A bone dice… and a letter saying he was unfit for conscription to national service… It feels a bit wrong to just throw it away….

Day Two gets a magic tick I think…. So I will reheat some soup, make a plunger of coffee and settle into the couch for a couple of hours with a good book….

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Day 21 – Adventurer Chic Lounge Room….

I have finally got my lounge room comfortable…. The idea was a bit grand tourist meets time traveller…. or something like that… So day 21 became a day for pulling all the elements of this room together….

Vintage is not dead, but buying it off the peg is…. Filling your house with stuff that looks “vintage” is just as twee as any knock-off Matt Blatt shopping spree….

I have reached the point with this room that it is filled with things I have found, and I love to look at….

…. Al though it may scream affectation, the typewriter is functional…. and useful for making labels….

My reading corner is still my favourite part of this room… The ox-blood Moran leather arm-chair is still my favourite pieces of furniture and has travelled with me for 10 years now….

The diagonally opposite corner is also becoming a favourite too…. it is movie viewing nirvana…. and responsible for quite a few high quality naps….

The other end of the couch now has a steel trunk that holds spare rugs and pillows… and serves as a great place for my lighter reading and this awesome sunburst yellow lamp….

I know this room will not be to everyone’s taste….. but it is very much me…. It is not a fancy suit to impress or intimidate…. It is a cosy old sweater that bulges it all the right places…..

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