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Occasionally I fixate on things…. Possibly a bit OCD… and rubber stamped as Prone to serious depression… So maybe thats why I also find joy in fixating on small collections of things, Things that hold my interest for a while… In this case my current reason for trawling second hand shops is camera related, not the cameras themselves, but the filters that screw on the front..


In particular 50s and 60s ones, I like the silver mounts better than the more modern back ones… and the fact that the same size ones can be screwed together is fascinating to me….


Not sure what, if anything I will do with them… The idea of making some insanely complicated steampunk glasses out of them kind of appeals….

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Book Re-Boot….

A busy day…. most of my book notes are in order… and all of the writing is now on one file… not scattered across two computers and an iPad…. It was odd to read everything I had written in one go, and after so long away from it…. I found myself enjoying the story, and wanting to know what happened next…. Is that a weird thing to say about your own work?

It has definitely motivated me to get back to work on it…. I will try and set at least one hour aside a day for writing…. It is also motivating to look at some of the thumbnail sketches I did for the books…. I will refine them as I work on the story… but I took another quick run at one of the older pictures today…. It counts as drawing practice anyway…


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Vintage Typewriter Desk (DIY)….

Here’s one I prepared earlier in the day…. I have been felling a bit unwell for a couple of days, so I thought I would go stand outside in 40 degree heat and sand and paint… That was clever… Now feeling like I have been hit by a bus… But the vintage typewriter stand I got for $5 a while ago, is now useful again…


This is one of those deceptive jobs that looks simple, and them takes several hours…. It had been badly painted black at some stage, straight over the original grey with no sanding or primer, and left out in the rain to rust at some point…


So the sanding and rust treatment took longer than it should… The wheels didn’t come off without a fight, and the top is not as square as it looks… That was an issue because the piece of drafting board I had cut to fit, didn’t… So I had to sand it into shape… But I happy with the finished item… It sits well next to the drawing board…


I don’t think the typewriter stand would have had a timber top originally…. But the old drafting table board seems to match in with the drawing board cedar… I am going to be so upset when I run out of those vintage potable drafting table tops… I think I only have 4 Left!!!


The fold up wings make this a very handy item to have next to the drawing board… A great place for pens and pencils and even water colours while I work….. My little artist retreat is almost finished, the addition of the old LP holder (under the drawing board) to hold art pads and books was a last minute addition, but it has made me think that maybe the space behind could be used more efficiently? or even adding a shelf to the underneath of the typewriter table? But those are decisions for when I feel less drained…

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Vintage Industrial Lighting – New in the Box….

I love new old stock (NOS)…. I do dream of finding a crate load of rare or cool industrial fittings, and I mean it is something that appears in dreams that leave me disappointed when I wake up… But occasionally in real life I get a small taste of it….

Made by ELECO LTD. A lighting company that probably supplied a lot of the street lamps in your area, if you area is the UK and built in the 1070’s or earlier… Still in its original box and wax paper with original price of $8 (which I assume was its 1970s retail)…. It cost me $2….

If I had found a warehouse full of them I would selling them, but since I found one I think I will keep it… I have just the place for it, a place that only exists in my mind at the moment… I do want to have a studio separate studio out the back of my house, and the idea of having this as the outside light, next to the door and hanging over my business sign, really appeals…. Maybe I will use the cogs too…

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Almost the Big Score…..

Like any gambler or as I prefer, treasure hunter… I allow myself the indulgence of dreaming of THE BIG SCORE!… The one that settles the debts, and gives you a nice big wedge of cash, to take advantage of the next bargain…. I had that brief heart leap today…. but it was short lived…. I got a call to come have a look at some stuff that might interest me, because it was “weird”… I try to be flattered and not insulted 😉 I arrive to find a large box of leather things (his words not mine)….

This is one of those finds that I should be happy about, but knowing what they are,  makes me sad… These are the packing bits for those old fashioned tripods that surveyors use… The ones that look great as lamp stands…. The ones that cost big $$$ for nice high quality vintage ones… The ones that got stripped for the brass fittings and burned years ago… A moment of silence please….

I know it happens all the time, but the idea that at least 15 of these went to tripod heaven, instead of good homes (with me in the middle, getting myself back in the black) is worth a tear or two…. These were  still a great buy, and I had to have them, even though I had to pay the $20 in small change…

The top protectors could still be used on the ones that are being used as lamps, in-fact they would probably improve them… the base ones will find a use… they are cool little containers and look great just sitting around… Vintage stamped leather always looks cool….

and the harness that would have been used for tramping through the bush with a tripod and map board is kind of cool in a steampunk kind of way….. So I shouldn’t complain…. but……

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