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95% of the Time it’s Fine… 

I’m single. I’ve not always been single. In maths terms (which there will be more of this post) I’ve been single for less than 20% of my adult life. 95% of the time I’m ok with singledom, or I’m not all Bridget Jones about it at least. What about the 5%? Well that’s where The Block comes in (Whick is a renovation show on TV – for those outside my hemisphere), more specifically The Block and Twitter. 99% of the enjoyment that can be had from bad TV and Movies is the acerbic, sarcastic and generally witty cometary that two or more people make during the show. The more astute and critical the company, and the more predictable and transparent the show the better it becomes. So Twitter has become sort of surrogate couch partner to quip with, unfortunately it is a partner that mainly watches shows like The Bachelor etc. So if I fancy a bit of banter I have to whore myself out there to mainstream reality TV. Trust me you don’t get a lot of action with a documentary on the inventer of the seed drill, or a retrospective on a flute based prog rock band*. 

The reason The Block has become my Twitter companion, apart from its active user group, is that it has a bonus round. You can on occasion get your pithy comments on the show it self, resulting in much congratulating and backslapping. 

I must admit they got me hooked on the first night by running my tweet in the “pimp” spot, the big scrolling halfway point ad. A prime time spot so prominent that even my ex-wife texted me to mention it. And I must admit the idea of my stupid face and trademark sarcastic quips popping up on the screen as she sat with her boyfriend watching a bit of relaxing TV was quite amusing, to me at least. 

The only real problem is that I’m forced to moderate the more acid comments and keep my tweets primetime friendly if I want that 2 seconds of not really fame. Trust me in a couch, glass of wine and bad TV I’m a bit more cutting edge. A bit like TV comedians that are quite sedate on TV, but work as blue as possible in a live show. Cheap puns seem to be the way to go, or comments about the host that are positive, and possible contain a pun for the double shot.

Not my best work, but you get the idea. The point is more to address that pesky human need to occasionally interact with people to avoid that whole wearing tissue boxes on your feet and collecting your own urine in jars. As stated before 95% fine. 5% could use a handy human shaped analog to bounce things off… 

*they are both called Jethro Tull.

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