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You may approach the Bench…..

It has been a busy few days, and I have found some interesting new pieces…. So while I wait for them to be delivered I have been stacking things on top of other things…. Kind of 3D sketching… This is the start of an idea….

A railway sleeper sitting on top of two old bits of steel dumbbells… or something that looks like dumbbells, I suspect they came out of the railway workshops at Bathurst many years ago… With the amount of railway lunchboxes, tool boxes and other custom pieces that came out of that now defunct workshop, I am surprised they had anytime to fix trains…

So I like the basic look of this, heavy wood floating…. For stability purposes I will need to weld a few small plates to the top of the “dumbbells” to secure them… I will also need to add a large square plate to the bottom of each leg…. I have sitting around on my father’s farm, some pieces of steel that should do the job… pieces of old telecom cable drums in fact…