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Day Tripper….

That confusing day of the week…. Monday sort of feels like my only day without the kids….. Sunday night doesn’t seem to count as my brain thinks they are here…. and Tuesday is spent looking forward to collecting them from school…. Consequently I spend monday trying to stop myself from thinking too much, last week I went on a opshop run looking for stock…. This week I went to the mountains to deliver the items I sold…. I am still running at about 70/30 selling to buying ratio at the moment, that’s 70% selling and 30% buying… So the progress is measurable, especially when a bigger item or two is sold….

I was woken up at 5am by a moody cat…. Not sure what she is moody about? but I have given trying to figure out any female, even the feline ones… A big cup of coffee and some staring at the sky waiting for a sunrise…. and a very lazy drive to the mountains with a Beatles soundtrack…. got to Katoomba to early to deliver the deliveries so coffee and sketching in the main street….


Deliveries made and chats chatted…. More driving….


The op shops are pretty much empty of anything worth the effort of buying and selling, and nothing that I would have in my own house…. Since I was already most of the way there I went to Westfields at Penrith…. Trying to buy art supplies, but the range was a bit limited, and since I may be near proper art shops next weekend I left buying only a small sketch pad…. and a large hot chocolate….



A wrong turn and I found myself in Windsor…. Nothing much at the op-shops there either… maybe I am op-shopped out?


Richmond for a pit stop and Red Bull…. Concentration was starting to drift…. By the way Richmond has the worst (overpriced) op-shop I have ever seen…. It rivals the op-shops in Sydney’s North Shore for prices, however the quality of what they have is rubbish… It is obviously run by an “expert”… A chipped west german vase, which I would be lucky to get $25 for to the right person was priced at $125…. Even in a Sydney retro store they would be pushing it to ask $60…. I don’t mind these charities making money, but the drive to make profit seems to have migrated from the collectables section, to the children’s shoes and clothing and regular furniture….



…and then the skies opened with big buckets of fat raindrops…. which seemed to fit with my mood at this point, so I headed for an old haunt in an attempt to really depress myself…. More coffee and pie…. its kind of being a bit leaving las vegas with food for the last six months… something I am aware of (and not just when I step on the scales)… but more about that later maybe?



I had my final meeting with my government-funded shrink last week… but I didn’t have a chance to process things till today…. I processed with pie….

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Mixed Bag Monday….

I never know what I will find, but today is eclectic even by my standards… A bit of art glass and a pair of Deco bookend made from Mulga, with the little boomerang, map of Australia and crown mark….


A transistor radio, actually a 6 transistor radio in this case, Sanyo…. Orange and looks like it has never been used….


…and maybe because I was hungry…. A nordic Belgium Waffle Maker…. They still make these, but they no longer have the cool little temperature gauge in them….


and what day of op-shopping would be complete without a boot load of dead animals… well most days would be, but today we have horns….





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Bad Boy and a Lazy Blogger…..

I have been both this week… The irony of having an insanely busy week, with lots of interesting things going on every day, and then not writing about it, is not lost on me…. I will do better this week, I swear….

Not in the mood to play catch-up at the moment so I will just fill you on the weekends trip… well the thrifting aspect of it… I left town with a back pack and a car full of chairs….

First stop to deliver ten sebel stack a bye chairs to Lithgow… after that 4 more chairs and 6 industrial lampshades to Springwood…. My entire trip is funded by the items I delivered on the way…

Thrifting as I went, yielded nothing particularly amazing, but I did get to re-stock my wardrobe on the cheap…. and I got a suitcase for $10 to put my new outfits in… I loved the looks I got checking into a fancy hotel with this suitcase…

If you want to attract movie star attention on your next trip, don’t waste money on expensive italian luggage… Rock up for check-in in a black t-shirt, vintage ray-bans and a tatty old suitcase…. Live that rock’n’roll life….

I picked quite a few pairs of jeans(5) , including a pair of brand new RM Williams jeans for $3.50, at least $120 retail…  A nice light green Rodd & Gunn shirt for $2.50…. A pair of Timberland Earth Keepers boots, never worn for $35. Not cheap for thrifting but very cheap compared to the $200+ retail tag… and my other favourite item, a Dangerfield Coat from the clearance section of a major chain store, down from $180 to $40…..

A good weekend for my wardrobe, if nothing else… I also found a vintage bowling shirt from a tournament in Las vegas… Luckily Ten-Pin bowlers are the one group of athletes I can fit into clothes from….


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I need a new outfit…. for under $20…..

Still on that teetering edge of moods…. With that special headache that makes me grimace like the joker, my apologies to any small children I have traumatized today…. Trying to get dressed this morning deciding I am not feeling at one with my wardrobe at the moment…. I am not sure the last time I bought clothing, other than underwear and socks, new….. I have in the past spent stupid money on clothes, $150 for a shirt is now something that I am ashamed to admit I did…. but I also don’t like to buy the poor quality clothing from chain stores either…. I am not a label snob, but I do believe there is no point buying a $10 new t-shirt that falls apart after 3 washes… I have had designer stuff that has been washed a hundred times and still holds its shape… So I do seek out labels when I op-shop, because I know the quality of the item will make it last…. today I had $20 in my pocket for a new outfit… and a couple of hours to kill with my son, while my daughter was at a birthday party…

Lets start with shoes…. I can live with op-shop shoes if my socks are new… and besides these look like they were worn a few times and then forgotten… They are in my size and $3…. DC shoes, they must have been around a $100 new….

Next op-shop got me the entire rest of my new out-fit…. Not normally that lucky, usually I either get all jeans or all shirts in one hit….

A pair of Diesel jeans….$4 and they also look like they have barely been broken in… Boot-cut as is my preference, as I am not 18 years old and waif like…. Not sure what somebody paid for them new, let’s be optimistic and say they bought them on special for $100…

Ralph Lauren Shirt…. Cotton and super soft and relaxed $2….. The green works with the jacket, or at least I think it does… The jacket is my most expensive purchase of the day…

It cost me $6…. It is a dark green loose weave washed cotton teamed with a traditional tweed…. Made by Japanese Designer Michiko Koshino, it is amazingly well made… and I think $6 was a bit of a bargain…

So a new outfit for $15… Not a bad days shopping… I also got two new shirts and some jeans for my son with the other $5…. I wonder how far that $20 would have gone at Target?

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Almost like a Spartan… A Rant…. And Tomorrow….

Let’s take this in order…. 200 followers (not 300)…. That’s simple and I will be waiting till I hit 300 before mentioning it again (I hope)…. or defending Sparta…

As for the rant…. I was reading a blog that was pointing out how reluctant people can be to pay for an artistic service… especially friends and family… You can read her well written blog entry here… Solitary Photographic

It got me thinking about the amount of time and effort I use finding furniture and decorator pieces for friends…. they always want to know what it cost so they can reimburse me…. as though my time and ability to track down there desires is worth nothing? The fact that I could sell the piece elsewhere for a considerable profit seems not to occur to them…. I don’t expect them to pay full price, but I consider my mates rates more than fair, and definitely less than they would pay if they went to a retail store… especially when the pice needs repair…. I do believe most people think I find something, blow the dust off and the job is done…

This table would be a good example….. I found it on one of my many many visits to op-shops…. it cost me $2…. by saying that out loud I would now be expected to sell it for that… Why? and the fact that I will spend time repairing it and sanding it…

…the veneer needs repair and re-gluing… their will be a few coats of oil and wax… and after all that I might be offered $20? hmm I would be better off making sneakers in china….

It is not the one offs that get to me as much as the people who have let me decorate half their house….

The same goes for artworks, and I am now firmly in the NO artwork as gifts camp…. they are rarely appreciated and people seem to think it was an easy way out of a gift…. It isn’t, an easy way out is the gift vouchers I get from them… From now on I will sell my work to those that appreciate and my friends will get a gift voucher….

There, that’s better, rant over…. I am not really having a go at anyone person… It is more just about wanting to valued for my particular job… and it is a job….

Speaking of jobs…. I have been “working” a bit lately, I say working in air quotes, because it is a real job working for a “boss” and pays $$$…. but It is also more of a sub-contract really… the person who is collecting the paycheck, is so far out of their depth that I sort of come in and finish up after hours (Mr Wolf style – Pulp Fiction)… It is vaguely hilarious as a situation… The idea of this person getting promoted again is totally sitcom worthy…. I wonder if I could expand it to working “as” a few people… it would certainly overcome the boredom of a single job….

And last but not least…. Tomorrow is the start of the next 21 Day challenge… It is about art and work…. and treating it as such… Please follow along and leave comments etc…. or just press the like button, when you do, so I know I am not talking to myself…

Oh and I finally got around to getting a business card holder….

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