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Is this your Card?…

I sometimes envy people that can have one interest, and focus on it. I’m more of a dive in, get a working knowledge, then get bored and move on to the next thing. You can put a positive spin on that by calling yourself a “renaissance man” which is fancy talk for distracted by shiney things. My current shiney thing is magic, or to be more precise the mechanics of stage magic. I don’t have any desire to wear a cape and get my wand out (that shit will get you arrested). I don’t even have any desire to saw a woman in half, not even the ex-wife (that shit will definitely get you arrested). But the mechanics of tricks is fascinating, to me anyway. So finding an old magic book in the local opshop, obviously leads to searching for more. Three found so far this week. 

Great cover on the Houdini book, but nothing you haven’t seen on the masked magician reveals type of show.

A better book, with lots of nice cross section diagrams and in depth explanations.

And from a brief flick through this one seems much more to my taste, with a fair bit of close up magic and detailed drawings for props. I’m looking forward to having a bit of proper down town after I move to really hide in a comfy chair with many cups of tea, and do some proper reading… 

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