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Day 114 – Take a Long Line…

One comes in one goes out, tonight I purchased a new tv unit… 3 meters long…

My continuing obsession with low furniture and clean lines continues, I think painting the metal satin black and replacing the metal panels with lacquered ply will give it a more midcentury feel… Which means the more industrial eclectic school science desk will be leaving to make room…


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Day 26 – Describe a Spiral Staircase….

Its one of those universal things, ask someone to describe a spiral staircase and they will make a circular motion with their finger, as they do.. As a downward stroking motion from the the chin will ensue, if you ask them to describe a goatee beard… This has nothing to do with anything, other than I have been watching Derren Brown DVDs today, in an attempt to seize control of the world through mind control… But instead of learning to be some kind of Sven Jolly (seinfield reference) I just took a nap on the couch… I suspect I take far to many naps to actually seize control of anything other than the TV remote, so you are all probably safe from my megalomaniacal rule.. Though I am sure the world would be a much better place under my control, there would be a lot less football and much more antique roadshow on TV for a start!!!!

Here is a picture of the steps/stairs I bought today… So yes all that first paragraph was just a justification for todays title and this picture…


Well yes, you say, I guess that could be loosely linked to “a staircase”…. You might continue “But seriously as a segway that is really pushing it, I mean the explanation of a describing a spiral staircase was interesting and all, but the spiral thing is pretty spurious isn’t it?”…. and I would be quite cheerful, because you will have fallen right into my trap, as I have bought two of these in the last couple of days…


So just shake my hand and say “well played sir, well played” and be on your way, with the knowledge I have bested you again….

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Time and Space…..

A couple of very good days… It is nice to be able to say that at last…. In between having the kids home on holidays, and yes that is a good thing, and a sudden shot in the arm for business ventures I am feeling pretty tickity boo…



After a few days of weening then off video games and back on to the real world they are being pleasant little people again… Last night they had a Back to Future marathon, and this morning a got a full run down on Paradoxes ūüôā



Speaking of time and space, a op-shop Tardis has been added to the collection… Actually this one is a police box, as it was made by¬†Britannia Miniatures under licence from The Met… during that whole Police Vs BBC thing in the 1990s, the police were trying to claim copyright for the design of the police box… They lost and had to pay costs ūüôā



A quick op-shop run today yielded a few interesting bits… This nifty wall hanging art-deco-ish Very nice original condition just needs a bit of glue on the joints to make it good as new….



A very industrial trolly, which I will add a nice hardwood top too… I could put a shelf across the middle, but I am toying with the idea of leaving it as is so an industrial stool will fit underneath… Pretty much trying to decide it it will be a kitchen trolly with a shelf, or a laptop table with a stool…



A nice little 40s lectern…. Not really my thing but couldn’t say no… Maybe a standing desk? A standing desk seems like good exercise, but a terrible waste of chairs…

Photo4-38….I also found another typewriter…. So many typewriters at the moment, I could start my own madmen style secretarial pool…..

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Welcome to Lazy Industries…..

I am going through another one of my thin out the stuff stages… I am like a super-model of vintage gear… I am all binge and purge… I have been stockpiling items for a few months now, as I decided which direction my own house was heading… but the time has come to sell the stuff that didn’t make the cut….

I have sold a few items already, including these vintage enamel light-shades… They were covered in sawdust and filth…. So a quick squirt of degreaser and a rainy day…

… another hour or two of heavy rain and they will be clean enough to head of to their new homes…. At Lazy Industries we really do find the easiest way out…..

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21 Days of Living a Creative Life – Day 1…..

Day 1 of my next 21 day challenge… 21 Days of Living a creative life…. This is not about finishing things or projects…. this is about immersing¬†myself in art and craft, in fact I am going to really try to avoid getting obsessed¬†about completing¬†things… I want to learn new things, stretch myself in the art dept. and the only way to do that is to be free to make mistakes… These books are my inspiration for this challenge…

These two books by Rice Freeman-Zachery are about living in a way that makes creativity a priority…. I will probably¬†return to them quite a bit over the next 21 days… But¬†the main theme seems to be giving yourself an environment to be creative in, and that is what I have spent the last week doing….

…. I am really feeling this space now…. my dining room is now a warm relaxed space with a large dining table to work at, a drafting table, a computer and a cupboard full of art supplies…. and a lot of books…

I do love my books, the internet may be handy, but books are the tactile joyful way to relax….

¬†After seeing a Hex Nut Friendship¬†bracelet made by Annie Poon (see her much better one here) I decided to have a go, slightly derailed¬†by a poor range of hex nuts I had in stock, normally I would have not bothered till I had the right parts…. But this challenge is not about that kind of attitude… So I just had at it… it soon became apparent that I have no idea how to braid… No worries I will just keep at it… I would usually be disappointed that my first attempt didn’t work… but this is about attempts..

I also finished my new portable work space… and it is how I wanted it… I sanded it to remove the old varnish, not to remove the character…. I love it…..

The wood looks much better oiled and waxed than it did in nasty varnish…. and it a very pleasant place to work during the winter evenings….¬†nice and warm in the lounge, gas heater on and the coffee pot near by….

This house is now a creative space for a creative life… Hope you pop in and see¬†what this 21 day challenge creates…..

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