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Pit Stop Picking…

Or some other play on words…. Today was the annual Bathurst Giant Garage Sale… Held in the race pits of Mt Panorama, it is a musk pick event…. With 80+ stalls of junk to sort through it is a hectic morning, but I never come away empty handed… This year wasn’t as car filling as the last few, and that is probably a good thing.

I was so sensible that I left quite a bit of stuff behind… but some things I cant say no too…. especially if they are cheap… This lot was $10…

A DS-lite in perfect condition with 2 games, a gameboy colour, and a copy of Digimon World 2003 for the PS1…. The Digimon Game will more than cover the cost of the rest ūüėČ

A pile of glomesh and oroton bags… all from different stalls but all $1 each….

An old school paper guillotine…. Hours of finger endangering fun… It cost me $5, and I have been looking for one for ages…. This one goes to the studio…..

Also for the studio a very crusty wrought iron door bell… For 50 cents it was a must have, and it jingles in a very pleasing way…..

And the rest…. old school case $1… 2 teak folding tables $5 the pair…. and everything on the table , the Genie bottle, red glass jar, Stereoscopic viewer, pocket watch and plane came to $25… Not bad for a days work, but now I have to clean it all up and get it ready for the markets next month…. but I may have a coffee first…

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Love What You Buy and Sell What You Love….

The question I am asked most often by people is “How do you know what to buy?”…. They are either disappointed, or annoyed by the answer… “I don’t know, I just buy stuff that I like?”… I think¬†they find¬†that answer¬†annoying, because they think I am implying that I have better taste then they do, or that I am hiding the magic secret from them… One of those is true….

I have always been a fan of belts and buckles, so it seems strange that I have never really¬†bought and sold them…. I have bought them, but only for my own wardrobe… That means I have passed on some awesome¬†vintage items because I wouldn’t wear it or it wouldn’t fit….

So a new line for me is accessories, I have been embarrassingly¬†good at vintage handbags… I would prefer¬†the slightly more rock n roll¬†image of vintage belts, wallets and other man-accesories…

I must admit I do have a lot of mantiques¬†in the cool vintage accessories… Buckles,¬†belts, silver flasks¬†and cigarette cases…. I have started picking up some great old hand tooled leather belts… and I sure there are lots more of them out there, just waiting for a new buckle and a polish….

I also like the fact they take up less room than furniture, well they will if don’t go overboard….

So it is a good thing I never go overboard… Honest….

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I learnt it from a Book….

Big garage sale today, well it would have been if it wasn’t bucketing down all day… Still did very well, though not as much stuff as I would have liked has gone, but enough of the pricey stuff sold to fund the moving cost of the rest…. and there is no point in giving stuff away when it can be sold later.

The day has ended with a grey cloud, just to tired to stress about it now…. I am sure I will be awake all night, but for now I will just pack some more boxes… I have been trying to pack for half an hour and look at the pile of new books I had delivered today.

They are all craft/art books…on some interesting topics… I noticed while I was packing books that more than half my books are how to books…. This is going to be a year of new skills I think… No restrictions based on practicality, or final purpose… I am aiming for a minimum of one hour a day…

Just doing some reading tonight,¬†checking out¬†the methods that might fit in with what I already so…. and those that will enable me to make the things I can picture in my head…

So it is off to bed… an early night after a very long day… a¬†book on beading in an¬†Art Nouveau style….

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