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Day 114 – Take a Long Line…

One comes in one goes out, tonight I purchased a new tv unit… 3 meters long…

My continuing obsession with low furniture and clean lines continues, I think painting the metal satin black and replacing the metal panels with lacquered ply will give it a more midcentury feel… Which means the more industrial eclectic school science desk will be leaving to make room…


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Day 87 – My Weakness….

Seems some addictions are harder to kick than others…. I have been so good… I really thought I had it under control this time… This afternoon at 4pm I bought another chair….


Made in Melbourne by Danish De Lux… A company that made high end mid-century furniture…. As well as manufacturing furniture for Australia and overseas, Danish DeLuxe also manufactured chairs for the Australian Pavilion at EXPO 67 in Montreal, the Australian Academy of Science building in Canberra, and the Sydney Opera house… Their strong in-house designs and quality craftsmanship also enabled them to gain licenses to manufacture the work of designers like Hans Wegner & Niels Moller….



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This is my rabbit hole, the place were I can scamper off to when I need to get my head in a more creative place, without the distractions of washing up and rampaging children…I even managed to wire up the light fitting, by cannibalising an extension lead… This will be the only room in the house that gets to stay in this “hobbit” eclectic style, but since it very small (200cm by 160cm), and it is separate to the rest of the house, so it can remain a cosy, cluttered space…











Of course there will be a few tweaks, a couple more pictures on the wall and a wire or two across the wall to hang current projects on… Hopefully it will fulfil its purpose, and create a flurry of creativity…

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More of the Folding stuff……

Seems to be a good week for things that fold…. In this case a nice vintage cafe set…. You can tell it is vintage and not a reproduction one, by the quality of the steel, the size of the rivets they held the wood on with and of course the fact it hasn’t fallen apart….


A very pretty thing indeed, and the fact that it folds up so well, makes it a very useful thing…. hmmmm this one might be hard to part with…. It looks very nice just were it is….


Time to enjoy a drink and a read a magazine I think….. It’s a hard life somedays……

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Split Personality…..

I buy and sell and sometimes up cycle furniture and decorator items…. but I also sometimes whack on a beret (an invisible one and do art stuff)…. Which means I tend to have people who like my pictures, or my furniture… but not both 🙂

So to allow for this split personality I have two FaceBook pages, the face book pages get updated a lot more often with extra bits….


For the more art based stuff….. Just click the picture above to open the FB page….

and the newly re-branded RUST Vintage page….


and the RUST Vintage page…where I post the new finds that don’t make it to the blog sometimes… It is also where I tend to sell items…

So Inkomplete Design will kind of be my Umbrella Site…. with all my other little diversions hiding out underneath, sheltered from the harsh weather 😉

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