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Gypsy Blood….

Much to the embarrassment of my grandmother. our family has a nice thick vein of Gypsy blood running through it…. Proper Ukrainian Gypsy that is… I have decided to stop fighting my wandering, lusting after a caravan and making a living from selling pegs desires…. I also kind of fancy my next house being a bit more bohemian chic… or BOHO if your of the hashtag persuasion….



So in between trips to the storage unit to build the great wall of boxes, I also did a little op-shopping… I have added this original czech bohemian glass set to my collection (I am not that knowledgeable about glass, it still had the makers label on it)…. With the move only a few weeks away I probably shouldn’t be buying glassware that I need to pack… but I keep finding things I cant say no too…

Photo1-332Luckily I have also been looking at new gazebo tent things and fancy folding tables to continue my gypsy lifestyle when I get back to the mountains… I have asked some of my contacts to keep an eye out for a small 50s caravan I can use for markets, but thats a long term plan…. I kind of feel like I have narrowed my style down enough now to concentrate I items I like, and not just feeding the whole retro thing slavishly… I am always much happier finding stuff I like, rather than stuff I know will make a quick dollar….



I am just trying to trust my eye… I do better when I don’t second guess the items I buy…. I do better when I don’t second guess my path too, thats just a bit harder….


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