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Bad Boy and a Lazy Blogger…..

I have been both this week… The irony of having an insanely busy week, with lots of interesting things going on every day, and then not writing about it, is not lost on me…. I will do better this week, I swear….

Not in the mood to play catch-up at the moment so I will just fill you on the weekends trip… well the thrifting aspect of it… I left town with a back pack and a car full of chairs….

First stop to deliver ten sebel stack a bye chairs to Lithgow… after that 4 more chairs and 6 industrial lampshades to Springwood…. My entire trip is funded by the items I delivered on the way…

Thrifting as I went, yielded nothing particularly amazing, but I did get to re-stock my wardrobe on the cheap…. and I got a suitcase for $10 to put my new outfits in… I loved the looks I got checking into a fancy hotel with this suitcase…

If you want to attract movie star attention on your next trip, don’t waste money on expensive italian luggage… Rock up for check-in in a black t-shirt, vintage ray-bans and a tatty old suitcase…. Live that rock’n’roll life….

I picked quite a few pairs of jeans(5) , including a pair of brand new RM Williams jeans for $3.50, at least $120 retail…  A nice light green Rodd & Gunn shirt for $2.50…. A pair of Timberland Earth Keepers boots, never worn for $35. Not cheap for thrifting but very cheap compared to the $200+ retail tag… and my other favourite item, a Dangerfield Coat from the clearance section of a major chain store, down from $180 to $40…..

A good weekend for my wardrobe, if nothing else… I also found a vintage bowling shirt from a tournament in Las vegas… Luckily Ten-Pin bowlers are the one group of athletes I can fit into clothes from….


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I need a new outfit…. for under $20…..

Still on that teetering edge of moods…. With that special headache that makes me grimace like the joker, my apologies to any small children I have traumatized today…. Trying to get dressed this morning deciding I am not feeling at one with my wardrobe at the moment…. I am not sure the last time I bought clothing, other than underwear and socks, new….. I have in the past spent stupid money on clothes, $150 for a shirt is now something that I am ashamed to admit I did…. but I also don’t like to buy the poor quality clothing from chain stores either…. I am not a label snob, but I do believe there is no point buying a $10 new t-shirt that falls apart after 3 washes… I have had designer stuff that has been washed a hundred times and still holds its shape… So I do seek out labels when I op-shop, because I know the quality of the item will make it last…. today I had $20 in my pocket for a new outfit… and a couple of hours to kill with my son, while my daughter was at a birthday party…

Lets start with shoes…. I can live with op-shop shoes if my socks are new… and besides these look like they were worn a few times and then forgotten… They are in my size and $3…. DC shoes, they must have been around a $100 new….

Next op-shop got me the entire rest of my new out-fit…. Not normally that lucky, usually I either get all jeans or all shirts in one hit….

A pair of Diesel jeans….$4 and they also look like they have barely been broken in… Boot-cut as is my preference, as I am not 18 years old and waif like…. Not sure what somebody paid for them new, let’s be optimistic and say they bought them on special for $100…

Ralph Lauren Shirt…. Cotton and super soft and relaxed $2….. The green works with the jacket, or at least I think it does… The jacket is my most expensive purchase of the day…

It cost me $6…. It is a dark green loose weave washed cotton teamed with a traditional tweed…. Made by Japanese Designer Michiko Koshino, it is amazingly well made… and I think $6 was a bit of a bargain…

So a new outfit for $15… Not a bad days shopping… I also got two new shirts and some jeans for my son with the other $5…. I wonder how far that $20 would have gone at Target?

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Love What You Buy and Sell What You Love….

The question I am asked most often by people is “How do you know what to buy?”…. They are either disappointed, or annoyed by the answer… “I don’t know, I just buy stuff that I like?”… I think they find that answer annoying, because they think I am implying that I have better taste then they do, or that I am hiding the magic secret from them… One of those is true….

I have always been a fan of belts and buckles, so it seems strange that I have never really bought and sold them…. I have bought them, but only for my own wardrobe… That means I have passed on some awesome vintage items because I wouldn’t wear it or it wouldn’t fit….

So a new line for me is accessories, I have been embarrassingly good at vintage handbags… I would prefer the slightly more rock n roll image of vintage belts, wallets and other man-accesories…

I must admit I do have a lot of mantiques in the cool vintage accessories… Buckles, belts, silver flasks and cigarette cases…. I have started picking up some great old hand tooled leather belts… and I sure there are lots more of them out there, just waiting for a new buckle and a polish….

I also like the fact they take up less room than furniture, well they will if don’t go overboard….

So it is a good thing I never go overboard… Honest….

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