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I’m hopin’ we can make some wishes outta’ airplanes…..

… in my continuing mission to get kids, and myself out and about, we got our anoraks on and went plane spotting….. It is the 200th Anniversary of the crossing of the Blue Mountains, the names of the explorers are the names of the villages across the route… So you can learn as go, or just remember the ones you have drank coffee or lived in, as I do….


One of those occasions where I kept the kids in the dark about the mission, a sort of need to know thing… In case it turned out to be a bust, or I had an anxiety attack… Luckily everything was fine, and the kids got to see, and hear, noisy low flying aircraft, and were suitably impressed… and after the planes, there was pastry treats in Oberon…. Pastry makes everything better….




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Coffee + Art = Thinking….

Kids went swimming with their Grandmother this morning, which left me with a few hours to myself (rare during school holidays)…. So I ambled down to my local caffeine dealer, and sat…. A cup of coffee or two later, and some meditative doodling and I have set the whole moving to the mountains thing set in stone… There are a lot of logistics to work out, moving costs, rental bond, kids schools etc…. However I am not even remotely phased, as I want this to happen.


The Mediative Drawings

Moving from the mountains a year ago was one of those mistakes that had to happen, I am good at those… Those mistakes that provide clarity and the evidence that something is right or wrong… I moved back to this small country town for a list of reasons I believed at the time, and those things didn’t happen… So I am left feeling like I am in the wrong place, with a laundry list of evidence to support that feeling…

I never felt like I didn’t have a “job” when I was in the mountains, because I had a career…. I didn’t feel judged about my slightly flakey existence, in fact in the mountains I appeared boringly stable and productive… If I had to list my major complaint about living in a small town, it would be the eagerness of the locals to judge your worth and standing by the job you do… I don’t think artist should rank below real estate agent in a normal world…. So I will sell enough vintage items to fund a travel chest, about $3000 should do it…. I will look into schools for the kids, and houses that suit… and I will go back were the grass is greener, also everything you leave outside is greener due to the damp… but thats a small price to pay for waking up and not wanting to hide in the house all day…

Oh and the most important thing?… In the mountains the kids get to wear cute woollen hats and drink hot chocolate… That is really really important!!!!!


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