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I’m hopin’ we can make some wishes outta’ airplanes…..

… in my continuing mission to get kids, and myself out and about, we got our anoraks on and went plane spotting….. It is the 200th Anniversary of the crossing of the Blue Mountains, the names of the explorers are the names of the villages across the route… So you can learn as go, or just remember the ones you have drank coffee or lived in, as I do….


One of those occasions where I kept the kids in the dark about the mission, a sort of need to know thing… In case it turned out to be a bust, or I had an anxiety attack… Luckily everything was fine, and the kids got to see, and hear, noisy low flying aircraft, and were suitably impressed… and after the planes, there was pastry treats in Oberon…. Pastry makes everything better….




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