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Day 3 – Clock Watching….

Friday… I know that technically Friday in this house isn’t that different from any other day, but it feels like good time to call the week over… Even without work, and school I still need an end point, a day to watch a movie, have something special for dinner and plan to sleep in the next morning… So that is what is happening, we had tacos for dinner, and we are watching LOTR: The Two Towers on TV (well I am watching, while the boy child reads a book and the girl child naps)…

I dragged them out for a bit of a walk and some op-shopping… There was surprisingly little about, considering the amount of stuff that was mounting up outside their doors over the Christmas break… I did find a clock…

photo 1-6
I will commit that supposed crime of gutting the insides and replacing them with a battery unit… Although it has a cool beaten up look, it has no antique value.. It is purely decorative, so it may as well work.. I can use the brass cogs etc for other projects, or part them out on etsy…
Maybe the bells can be used in some kind of steampunk door chime? A few bits of string and a little hammer maybe… Just a thought… The key I will keep, because I always keep keys…

photo 2-5

I will leave you now, as the hobbits are being taken to Isengard and I still have 30 mins of sketching to do…


I had to leave the house today… Not usually worthy of a newsflash, but today I had no milk for my coffee, and that requires leaving the house… Leaving the house at the moment is not a stress free thing… That whole pesky mountains of fire thing, has been made worse by reports of looters taking advantage of the empty houses, to make staying and leaving your house an anxiety causing event… and lets add to that the rather nasty withdrawals from the prozac as it leaves my system (sweating, shaky and the over-wealming desire to hunt people that annoy me)…..

Of course I still have the one drug of choice, that only cost a few dollars and doesnt get me arrested… A quick op-shop visit… looking for that little high that comes from a good score, and I consider this a score…

Photo1-350An early 1900s Arts and crafts mantle clock… It is missing one hand and its pendulum, but it was $5…. I can live with a few repairs for that price…..

Photo2-102…. all brass and wood and labels, and a little lever that makes the bell go ding (did I mention the withdrawals?)…. If I am keeping the clock I may just replace the mechanism with a battery one for the time being… I have a fear of commitment, that means I cant be trusted to wind up a clock…



and there is a temptation to put an LED or five in the bottom to light up the lead-light…. because it will look cool and annoy antique purists…..

Photo3-88…. I am trying to decide if it is the minute hand, or the hour hand I need to make…. and also how long it will before my hands stop shaking enough to use a pair of tinsnips, without losing a hand myself….




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Back in the saddle…

Starting to get back in the swing of mountain life, and also got to do a bit of op-shopping yesterday…. and it was just a bit, in spite of the quantity of stuff I found…

photo 1-1


An original Kartell storage unit… They still make these, but not in this colour, and in my opinion not of the same quality… I purchased this from an antique shop for less than half the price i have seen them in a local vinnies op-shop… so it counts as thrifting 😉

photo 2-2


The not so drab green, Splendid by Olympia… I am very bad at passing up typewriters, especially if they are interesting colours….



I have the same issue with scales… A nice little 70s Persineware with its original bowl…

photo 4-1A funky original paisley lamp shade for one dollar… I have a base in the shed that will work with this one…

photo 3-3


A lamp base that will end up as steampunk project… and a vintage hem measuring device, which will probably be put to use as an aid for scale in pictures of items being photographed for sale…

photo 1-2


I sold one of these a while ago… and now I have another… The willow brand budget tin, from an era when bills could be payed by saving coins…

photo 2-1


An art deco plane that has seen better days… It may be rescued or repurposed…

photo 4-2


Another pile of vintage SUBBUTEO table soccer players to add to the large box I already have… They have been on my “to sort” list for years… They need to go into teams and be identified, some are worth a few dollars, but some teams are worth a lot… So they will sit for a while longer till I feel particularly OCD…

photo 3-2


…and the find of the day… An old paper dispenser from a store… I have been searching for one of these for a long time.. I dream of one day having a little shop that allows me to wrap things in brown paper and string… Not enough gets wrapped these days….


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Give that man a Cigar…..

Or perhaps a box to keep them in…. Never hurts to ask what a shop has lurking in a storage room… In this case a very funky and large, shop display Humidor, was lurking…


Since I do not smoke cigars, only because they make me very ill… This is just going to be a cool box… Waiting to be filled with something cool….

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A Friday Drive….

I had to travel one town over today…. always a good excuse for a new op-shop or two…. First find of the day, a lone bookend…..



I am sure you can see why i decided 10 cents was a good price for just one bookend… The carefully hand-painted logo really appealed to me… I do hope its not the emblem for some unpleasant organisation?



Also in the 10 cent basket, was this basket… Well yellow painted wire tray, but still very basket like… and a copy of Conran’s House book, I have a few different releases of this one, and a lot of his other books.. Fond of a bit of Terrance I am….



A very cool powder blue “made in Italy” make up case… Not sure what to do with it, but it has a cool combination lock and opens on both sides….



Not having a lot of use for a make-up bag, I will probably sell it… I did toy with the idea of keeping art supplies in it, but I have way to many things that I bought for that reason already…



Another french exhibition poster…. I am getting quite fond of these, so I will repaint the frame black (to match the others) and up on the wall it will go….



Favourite find of the day, Set of brass nesting tables (they fit inside each other)… Very heavy… Very Mid century… Very cool Moroccan pierced metal tops… I will be very disappointed if I cant make these work somewhere in the house…..

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