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Is this your Card?…

I sometimes envy people that can have one interest, and focus on it. I’m more of a dive in, get a working knowledge, then get bored and move on to the next thing. You can put a positive spin on that by calling yourself a “renaissance man” which is fancy talk for distracted by shiney things. My current shiney thing is magic, or to be more precise the mechanics of stage magic. I don’t have any desire to wear a cape and get my wand out (that shit will get you arrested). I don’t even have any desire to saw a woman in half, not even the ex-wife (that shit will definitely get you arrested). But the mechanics of tricks is fascinating, to me anyway. So finding an old magic book in the local opshop, obviously leads to searching for more. Three found so far this week. 

Great cover on the Houdini book, but nothing you haven’t seen on the masked magician reveals type of show.

A better book, with lots of nice cross section diagrams and in depth explanations.

And from a brief flick through this one seems much more to my taste, with a fair bit of close up magic and detailed drawings for props. I’m looking forward to having a bit of proper down town after I move to really hide in a comfy chair with many cups of tea, and do some proper reading… 

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House of the Rising Sun… 

There is a house in New Orleans. They call the rising sun, but I can’t seem to find it on this map. 

Today’s opshop crawl turned up a map of Storyville New Orleans. The notorious redlight district created to regulate prostitution and drugs in New Orleans from 1897 to 1917. I’ve got a thing for maps, not the kind of thing that requires googling the name of the disorder of getting obsessed and wanting to role naked in them, but just an atheistic attraction. They can be both utilitarian and decorative, sometimes in equal measure. In this case its utility is as a historical snapshot. A blotchy opaque window back in time, with a jazz soundtrack and a pearl handled derringer under a perfumed pillow, possibly with a touch of syphilis. 

It is a hand drawn 1940s copy of the original 1915 version. Streets, shops, brothels… The names of those trading in negotiatable affections are both mundane and fascinating.  I own far grander and more artistically embellished maps, but they fail to deliver a sense of place and time as well as this simple bureaucratic document. 

Perhaps that’s the lesson here, affectation is a distraction from the clarity that simplicity can achieve. 

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Day 132 – Clucky and Lucky…

Sounds a bit like a children’s book involving chickens and a dramatic escape from Sunday dinner…. But no, it was my afternoon… While getting petrol today I was standing behind a woman juggling a baby and the worlds most enormous handbag… Obviously her wallet had made a break for the base of the handbag… She looked at me apologetically, for holding up the line… I made the “it’s ok I’m in no hurry” with a smile face… Then somehow I am holding a three month or so baby while she dives into the handbag of bigness with both hands…

Two things… I am a large tattooed man, why do people hand me things like babies!!!! And the other thing is??? Let’s just say it’s a very good thing I don’t have a uterus… Or I would be out this weekend trying to get knocked up (insert heart song here)… Had a weird clucky moment, I suddenly missed having a baby, my youngest is now 8 (were did that time go!)… I was good a babies… No really!!! Other than providing high quality DNA, I was good at looking after babies…. Sniff sniff (weird man-o-pause moment)….

Luckily I was on the way to an appointment with my therapist, so I had someone to talk to about it, and I couldn’t go to a bar and get involved in some situation that might end up as a bad movie, think Knocked up or Junior… Also luckily a roadside junk pile I spotted on my way out an hour and a half before, was still there on the way home… Also luckily the Roger Lecal 1969 “LIPSTICK” mirror I found in the pile was a fiberglass original (not a plastic copy) and completely intact…


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Day 126 – Still got that Chair thing then?….

Why yes I do…. Your a hard habit to break, I can’t quit you and all that kind of thing…. I find it hard to resist a well turned leg or keep away from well padded seat…

I also like the look of envy on the faces of others, as I walk out of a thrift shop with a Le Corbusier Sling Chair on my arm….

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Day 108 & 109 – Butterflies…

Not sure what’s going on into head at the moment… Not sure what the cure for a lonely heart is, but it seems I attempting to find out if it is chairs?



In this case six vintage tripolini folding butterfly chairs… Don’t know if they sooth the heart, but they are mighty comfortable under the butt….