Who Cleans the Holodeck?… 

I have been watching Star Trek DS9, TNG and Voyager, in all three it is alluded to that people are having sex with the holograms, fair enough, long journey, limited choices, I’m not going to judge. My concern here is what happens after your hardlight date, when you switch off the holograms? Not to be indelicate but any issue that was being contained by your holographic dream girl or guy would be deposited directly on the floor the instant you say “Computer end program”. Two issues are raised here, one of etiquette and the other of health and safety. Obviously health and safety would involve slip hazards and biological waste, and etiquette would be similar to wiping down the exercise equipment in the gym. So what I’m really getting at her is, is there some kind of mop squeegee thing in the corner cupboard of the holodeck, or is there a fancy space version of the robovac the scoots out and cleans up after you?

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