The Land of Do As You Please.. 

It’s not all random you know? Like the ball on the roulette wheel, it looks random but it’s all mathes and angles and physics. It may look like chance, but if it were possible to measure the angles and speeds it would be possible to predict where the ball would drop. 

I try to remember that as I’m surrounded by the bouncing and spinning or seemingly random events. I try and focus on the trajectory I’ve set in motion and ignore the noise and colours flashing by. Ignore the smoke and chatter, the distractions and misdirections. Focus on that ball. 

I’m also aware that this idea maybe less based in scientific reality than it is basted in the 3rd glass of wine, but all the good ideas are hidden in the bottom 2/3rds of a bottle. Of course bad ideas are hidden in the 2nd bottle, so avoid that bottle at all costs. 

It may be the wine talking, umm no it’s not the wine it’s just you with your chemical levels adjusted. Meaning you are either unfettered by some of your mental governors, making you less or more of an arse. I’m of the school of thought that thinks the if you become free and philosophical with a drink or two that’s probably what you are inside with all the world shell removed. However if your pleasant candy shell disolves in alcohol to reveal an a-hole that’s the real you. Now some people might tell you not to drink if you are in group b, in fact I have told a few b’s to skip the booze, but that’s for my benifet and not for theirs. Maybe if you are an arsehole when you drink you should be drunk 24-7, that seems fairer to the rest of the world. We would know what you are really like, and you could either work on not being an arsehole, or live with being avoided like the pothole in life’s highway you are.

I myself fall firmly, often into a comfy chair, in group A. I’m the poster boy for group A, and if wasn’t for my prepencity to get a bit flirty and talk like a pirate when drunk, I’m pretty sure people would prefer me drunk at all times. So let’s raise our glasses to whatever point I was trying to make and set sale with a pants off (did i mention to flirty pirate part?)… 

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