You say it’s your birthday? It’s my Birthday too. It’s tempting to ask, what do you get? Another year older and deeper in debt. I could go misquoting song lyrics, all night long. Instead I will justify my purchase of a present, or self-gifting as it is known. 

As a single fellow I don’t need to buy a partner the usual requisite gifts for birthdays, Xmas, Valentine’s Day or sorry I slipped and my penis landed in the nanny day. So I am free to use these unclaimed relationship benefit days for myself. Today I lavished myself with a clomplety unnecessary (in both cost and purpose) watch… 

I was very pleased with my own good taste and thoughtfulness. Any future partner will need to do battle with the ghosts of gifts past to impress me…. 

Later in the day a bit of opshopping provided me with my surprise gift. 

A nice set of vintage Dior cufflinks for eight dollars. No more naked French cuffs for me… 

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