Day 139 & 140 – Snapshots…

The weather is getting colder, winter seems to be arriving in spite of global warmings best efforts to stop it… I like winter, people stay inside and eat comfort foods… Winter is my kind of season, I would be a bear if I could, that’s the hibernation type, not the hairy and wear leather pants type… The only problem with winter is it doesn’t last long enough, even if I see my shadow, I will still need to emerge sometime mid spring, 10 kilos heavier and afraid of sunlight… You will have to excuse the melancholy, I am missing a girl I shouldn’t miss… One shouldn’t look at pictures while sulking in a cave… It reminds you of days in the sun… It reminds you that you had good times… It reminds you of things you did wrong… The only thing I don’t like about a long winter is spending it alone…


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