Day 133 – Another one off The Bucket List..:

I was running late for everything today because I was raided by the FCC this morning (or the Australian equivalent)…

Apparently my modem was blocking AM radio to the neighborhood… I of course didn’t know this because being under 1000 years old I don’t listen to AM radio, and even if I did I would listen to it on a digital radio… So I have just spent money, I don’t have, to replace my modem, so people can listen to talk radio… The only bright side to this gross invasion of my house, late making and expensive event is that now I can cross another item off my bucket list… Along with zipping through an airport on the golf cart thing, I wanted a Christian Slater moment… Nothing specific, arrested after a car chase, arrested over a firearm offense on a plane or maybe something from a movie… So today was my “Pump up the volume” moment…


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