Day 130 and 131 – I Burned my Pie…

Bloody big note to self…. If you have two appointments, one of which is your therapist, do not push the therapist back a couple of weeks… No really… It’s a bit like leaving the pie in the oven for a couple of extra hours (excuse the tortured food metaphor; I’m hungry)… So I am hanging on by a thread till tomorrow, looking forward to getting this over cooked pie out!!!

So this Saturday I am going “commercial vehicle” shopping…. Seems instead of a sporty little number, I will be buying something that comes in any colour you want, as long as it’s white… That sucks :-/ I am also taking my father with me, after he goes to the gun show… Didn’t I mention that some members of my family are a danger to wildlife? I will of course be sipping effete coffee, and only trying to kill things with a withering glance or cutting comment…

So if you don’t hear from me till the weekend is over you will know one of three things has happened… My therapy session went badly… Car shopping is so depressing I lock myself in the boot of my current car… Or I find myself talking to a real person and not the internet (cry for help – re: loneliness of the soul)… My money is on the 2nd… Oh hell I will probably do all three, and a few more… It’s been a bad week for emotions ‘n’ shit….


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