Day 127 – Worried about Nothing…

I often do, but I am trying to get better… Been expecting the kids to ask what is happening for Mother’s Day… I also spent most of the week leaving Sunday blank in the calendar, in case I got a request for the kids… Neither happened, in spite of tv throwing Mother’s Day into everything, and shops and roadsides burst with flowers and slippers, not one peep from the kids… They are without a doubt the most laid back children in existence, which can make you forget sometimes that they are little people that think, see and take stuff to heart… My new mission is to make sure they never give me the slack, they give their mother… Don’t get me wrong, I am happy these days that they don’t hold us to the same standard, it makes things easier… I get a lecture if I forget something, which is preferable to “that’s how mum is” and “it’s ok”… I guess we have all fallen into roles that we need to be in… So it is “primary care giver day” this Sunday… So I think it’s more waffles and a wander in the morning…

….oh and hot chocolate and then maybe they will let me have a wander around the markets, without sighing and huffing… They are cute but they are a bit crap at masking when they are doing something they don’t want too… They can spend 45mins on one hot choc, but 10mins in a grocery store and I know about it…

I was going to end there but my daughter just drew me an elephant…



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