Day 123 – Never Trust a Bald Barber…

I was having a chat sometime in the last month, with 10 different people (we will call that plausible deniability).. At least 7 of these people took offense at my return to study… I know they took offense, because they started the sentence with “no offense, but”… Seems the idea of me returning to study psychology – counseling allows people to go “your mad as a bag of frogs!!!!”… Well a bit… But when it comes down to it I am the sanest mad person I know… In fact most of my madness is probably self inflicted, by looking a bit to close at the cogs and whirring bits in my head… That’s enough to drive anyone nuts…


So I use an old saying to explain things… Never trust a bald barber, he has no respect for your hair… I maybe as mad as a hatter, but I am not bald….

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