Day 120 to 122 – One Down…

Three days since I posted, three days since I went off the anti-smoking medication… I suspect I still have a few days before it is out of my system… The half-life of the pharmaceuticals we put in our bodies is now another subject I can bore people with…. So that’s nicotine down, the chemical I took to get past the nicotine 75% gone (seriously if you don’t know about half-life look it up, it’s a good read)… And against the advice of both my doctors I am considering losing the SNRI too… I miss having feelings, good and bad… Unfortunately coming off anti-depressants can be tricky… Especially those with a short half-life (see I do go on)… There are a couple of choices involving the rather anal reduction and weighing of individual capsules or I can dose myself with an SSRI, then after a few days Stop the SNRI and slowly ween myself of the SSRI over a month or so (the longer the half life the easier it is to kick)… Either way I should be me again for the first time in five years again soon… I will of course secure myself during the full moon, just to be safe…


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