Day 113 – Till you Hear a Crunch….

Luckily I watched the part of total recall where Quaid removes the tracking device from his skull with my daughter a while ago…


Why on earth is that lucky you ask? It sounds like irresponsible parenting to me!! Perhaps, but they are my monkeys and this is my circus, so if you don’t like the show bugger off… The reason the pulling a big red flashing thing out of your nose was important occurred today while watching a show called Brain Games,
Today’s episode was all about romance and how our brains can trick us… My daughter was impressed that I managed to avoid all the tricks and traps in the various scenarios… I explained that it was because I had the romance gland removed from my head… She asked how they did that… That is where total recall came in..

Farewell Cohagen.. You were an evil man, but you made a damn good ice-cream….

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