Day 110 – I’ll have half….

Starting to ween myself of the champix, half doses for the next month… I haven’t had a nicotine craving for over a month, but the dizziness has started to seriously limit me… That and the nausea… Don’t get me wrong I would do it all again to be off the cigarettes, I had given up for about 7 years, till life decided self-medication was a great idea… So I am pretty sure it’s a good risk to start cutting back the drugs that make me feel like this –


Sorry if my floating head is a bit scary, but it is much worse on the inside… Feeling like the top of your head is about to unscrew and float away is not a good feeling… It makes exercise a nightmare… I actually have to at pay attention to the do not operate heavy machinery warning label… It should also read do not look at old photos, play certain albums or that kind of thing…


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