Days 100 to 104 – Lost…..

You know that thing, where you pick up a book, and 12 hours later you finish it…. Then you pedal the bike long enough to charge up the interweb, and order 5 more books by the same author… Then you have a coffee, and decide you should download a few of his other books the kindle, just to see you through till the postal person delivers the others… Television has gone unwatched, jigsaws have gone unassembled, worries have gone unworried… I have a words crush going on… The right book or author at the right time is one of life’s great joys….


However, if you don’t hear from me for a few days, you might want to call, or send help… Or pop over and bring a meal or two and offer to some washing, just incase I am a little too lost….



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