Day 99 – Norman Osborn is my wingman…

This is a bit weird and i suspect I probably shouldn’t mention it… But… I will…

What do you know about sleepwalking?… It has many contributing factors, but the one most researchers agree on is stress.. I would agree with that, the only other two times (That I remember), and those both were high stress and one also included a fever… I know people like to make leaps like, I am on medication A, I had symptom B, therefore A caused B… No! That is bad science, and the internet is full of it… So I am going to attribute what happen last night to the barrel of thoughts going through my head for the last week… All that stress resulted in me receiving an email, from myself…

This afternoon I got around to checking my email… There was the usual, buy this, read that, extend something and a email with the subject saying “important stuff” and beginning Dear Shayn… It was also signed Shayn and sent from my address… Confusing Norman Osborn – Green Goblin moment right there!… It seems that sometime the night before I have sleep emailed myself… Talking to myself in the third person… I would try and explain how disturbing that is.. But I suspect most people will just go “whoa… That’s freaky!”, so it will leave it at that… After I convinced myself that emailing myself in my sleep did not fall into the same category as hearing voices, I calmed down a bit and read what sleeping Shayn had to say…. Well I will be damned, it was sort of career advice, or at least a distillation of all the information I had been filling my head with.. The surprising part, other than the whole subconscious need to chat with myself, was the fact the email pointed out a solution I had not even considered…

I guess I should be happy that my sleep emailing was restricted to myself and not sending threats to the prime minister or declarations of undying love to the prime minister… Tonight however I am turning my phone off, drinking some herbal tea and doing a bit of guided meditation before heading to bed… As useful as sleep me was in this instance, I would prefer not to hear from him for a while…


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