Day 88 – I have an app for that…

In this case how long since I had a cigarette…


I have now moved the app to the 3rd screen along on my phone, as it doesn’t occur to me that I did smoke most of time… Possibly I should find an app to remind me not to be a born again non smoker… Because I would hate to have to kick my own arse… The not smoking thing is something I feel pretty confident about, however the not drinking thing is wearing a little thin… I probably should have paid attention to when I took my last drink, I suspect you don’t pay attention if you don’t know it’s your last drink?… What can I give up next?… and no ‘that’ doesn’t count… I didn’t give it up by choice… Chaste not chased…

Sorry lost track of my train of thought, not smoking, and not doing things that lead to smoking…. Oh and drinking juice, lots of juice… Pure of mind, heart and lower intestine… Maybe my period of being lost in the dessert (and fries) is coming to an end, or at least taking a break?… Well either way 21 days of not doing something stupid that you shouldn’t do is a good thing… I will give myself a small pat on the back for that, and work on the next bit…

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