Day 83 – Post-it Puzzles……

For a few weeks now my brain has been in that overdriven creative mode that some people mistake for happy… Now it has cycled back to analytical mode, that some people mistake for cabin in the woods depressed hermit… Now is the time to process all the random thoughts and ideas on post it notes and other random bits of paper into some sort of order… Sifting to see of there is anything workable in there, lends itself to late nights, coffee and solitude… The creative bit doesn’t require quiet, in fact I get derailed by silence when in a creative mood… Without distractions my brain seems to get bogged down in detail, creativity and detail are not friends… Analyzing the the scribbles, pictograms and other hard to decipher notes…. I was doing so well at turning ideas into plans this morning that by mid-afternoon I had a serious headache… So I bundled the children in the car and went out for a stress relieving drive and something to cook for dinner… I came back with less stress, some food and a $8 tribal pouffe from an opshop….


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