Day 82 – Like Father….

A visit from “the daddy”* today, to present the illusion of present presentation to the now 8 little miss… But also it seems he was also in need of that valuable service that a child is required to provide to a parent as they age, setting up technology… In this case a phone and a new sim…

Watching him yell down the phone at the indian help desk was fun for a few minutes… But he looked like he was going to stroke out on me, so I took over the call… Luckily my fathers voice and mine are pretty similar on the phone, so the call centre operator didn’t even notice he wasn’t talking to my father anymore, or the fact that I couldn’t remember my house number or birthday… But to be fair he was probably just happy that I seemed to have suddenly calmed down, and that I was no longer yelling random numbers from the card that came with the phone at him…

So I managed to sort everything out without sticking a fork in my eye… I also figured out where I get my complete inability to deal with what seems like a simple situation without getting all edgy and anxious… Seems that whole overthinking, worry thing gets passed down… That’s a concern…

It’s one of those damn irony things… I can pull a rusty nail out of my foot with a pair of pliers, remove my own stitches (and on one occasion, stitch my own wound), crush a funnel web spider with the palm of my hand (admittedly only because it was near my daughter) and many other “stressful” events… However sorting out a bad tv reception, trying to fix a headlight on the car and a million other minor jobs seems to make me a grumpy anxious mess….


On the goodness front… Over two weeks without a single puff… Also not really feeling like one… Feeling healthier already, other than a bit of Quitters Flu… That wonderful last gift from the cigarette, feeling a bit off and icky, that could also be the cabbage, beetroot and carrot juice I made yesterday… Nothing says detox like a glass of that, and it is giving me plenty of practice suppressing my gag reflex, which means I can now watch Twilight or pursue that career in underground films….



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