Day 77 – My Balls are just for Decoration….

I spent so long being a “single mother” that being a man has taken the back seat… I not talking about driving a ute and wearing a football jersey everywhere, in fact those guys are even more of track than I am… I am talking about that whole lost art of being a man thing… Men live in a very complicated world these days, and me doubly so… The role of being male has changed a lot in the last 60 years or so, which means we have a few generations of men that have been trying to learn what it means to be a man from men who grew up in a different world, no wonder their are quite a few males around who are trying to find their way…

This is by no means a well thought out theory, just something that occurred to me today in between loads of washing (not saying that washing clothes isn’t a mans job)… This is kind of thinking out loud, wondering if my life took me a little to far away from what I needed… If in some weird way I allowed myself to become emasculated during my marriage and looking after kids… Did it make me a great parent and a lousy man?… Would I be happier if I addressed the run in the woods and sniff things part of me… Do I want to be a provider as well as a care giver?… Like I said its a tricky thing to be a male sometimes… This is subject that needs a bit more thought… I will get back to when I have done that thinking…


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2 thoughts on “Day 77 – My Balls are just for Decoration….

  1. You are right. The role of the ‘man’ has changed a lot and it’s not just you that feels a little emasculated. Even on lousy family-oriented TV sitcoms, men are portrayed to be large children and the women are the ‘strong’ ones in charge. Maybe it was in response to the whole feminist movement, which had its plus side, but shouldn’t have been at the expense of men and their innate masculinity, which apparently should now be repressed. My husband has said more than once that now is a confusing time to be a man and I completely get where he’s coming from. Due to our crappy economy and circumstance, I am the main breadwinner and my husband is the main caregiver. We’re still figuring out our roles while society, and biology, tells us it should be the other way around. In my (feminine) mind, though, it doesn’t make him a lesser man – in fact it’s quite the opposite. I think a man that’s a great parent is an awesome, amazing, sexy man. The run in the woods and sniff things part is a bit of a turn-on, too, so it’s okay to be all of those things 😉

  2. Did you have more of a think about this? You have had to accept a gender neutral zone by the sound of your situation. That is great for your children, as they get a balanced person who doesn’t have a problem doing the washing in his rugby shirt 😉

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