Day 67 – it is the thing that killed the dinosaurs….

Specialisation is not a good thing, ask a switchboard operator or bowling pin setter, they will have time to tell you because they both had jobs that no longer exist… Lamp lighters, ice cutters and MySpace employees have all gone the way of the dodo…
I have never been a fan of specialization, I have always followed the Jack of all trades doctrine… Maybe that is why I am so focused on getting out of the whole vintage-2nd hand-only fools and horses thing I seemed to have fallen into… I am actually amused that people are surprised when they find out, that I am getting out… It was almost internally hysterical when my mother found out I was selling up and changing “careers” she was most upset and confused… I think she had finally come to terms that I was not going to be a doctor or lawyer, or any other job she could put a title too…
We’ve got some half priced cracked ice
And miles and miles of carpet tiles
TV’s, deep freeze and David Bowie LP’s
Pool games, gold chains, wosnames
And at a push
Some Trevor Francis track-suites
From a mush in Shepherds Bush“….
Just won’t fit in the current occupation box on most forms…
And neither will the next job, unless CEO of a finger in a few pies inc. counts? Most of the details are still hush hush, walls have ears, loose hips and lips kind of things… But one slice of the pie I can leak is, the antique jewelry slice… It is good for me to learn new things, and not just improve on what I already know… Also a vintage jewelry business takes up very little room, something that appeals… So I am setting myself the task of becoming a part time expert in precious metals and costume jewelry, hopefully “my eye” for vintage can be adapted to jewelry…
If nothing else it has made my daughter happy, apparently daddy having lots of shiny things you can wear is every 7 year old girls dream…
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