Day 63 – Low…..

I sold another high piece of furniture today… and I feel better… I had no idea why… So of course as the type of person that likes to analyze any odd event to avoid enjoying it, I spent a coffee or two trying to figure out why… Luckily I came up with a plausible explanation quite quickly… It goes thusly…
My previous house have been Victorian to Edwardian at the latest, and a feature of this period is high ceilings… Anywhere from 3 meters to 3.6 meters in fact… Meaning even tall furniture is still at least a meter from the roof, lots of space up there, all nice and clear… My current cottage style abode however has pitched ceilings, quite high in the middle, but coming down to a more standard 2.4 meters at the sides… And that is the issue, my current house needs lower furniture to leave the space above them the required amount of empty…

I had been ignoring the importance of negative space, ironically making my space fell negative…

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