Day 62 – Part I….

I must apologise for the brevity of last nights post, about 4pm a headache of epic proportions rolled in… That coupled with lack of sleep and possible side effects from the quit smoking wonder pills meant I was not in a good way… One of this hide under the blankets in the dark and grimace at every sound headaches… It seems to be subsiding this morning, some headache tablets and a gallon of water seems to be helping… So i am just pottering around slowly till I am sure that it is gone…. Which is quite annoying as I have stuff to do, even my morning stroll was cut in half, partially due to headache, part rain and part the desire to throw up… Apparently the nausea is a side effect of quit smoke drugs, however if that is the worst of the side effects I will be happy, complete psychotic break doesn’t sound like fun…

So a gently, gently approach to the day…. Maybe the day will pick up a bit…

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