Day 59 & 60 – Life on Mars…

Another weekend has come and gone… After Friday nights epic journey home there was a vote, which unanimously came out in favor of not leaving the house again for at least a few days… So with creative use of pantry supplies food was supplied and the door stayed shut… Well I did open it to go to the car and garage to get things out, but other than that shut… Although I was exhausted on Friday, insomnia has made a bit of return of late, so there has been a lot of reading and quiet a bit of watching TV shows on the pay tv hard drive… There is a sense of urgency with the viewing, as part of fiscal belt tightening, I have had foxtel disconnected…. So I have till the 7th of this month to watch all the half watched series that I have recorded…

In between watching tv and reading I have spent much of my time culling household objects, to the point if you stand in the right position (and don’t look behind), the house is almost clutter free… I of course do need to look the other way and can see the stacks of “vintage” that don’t meet my new simplified 1970s vision of a living space… Records in, rabbit skulls and miscellaneous ephemera out… It will take quiet a while to get the look right, 70s with a touch of mid-century futurism, is not an easy look to achieve… But the minimalism and simplicity is very appealing at the moment… I may be living in a bit of a mash up for a while, but I can cope with that by watching items march out the door, leaving donations to the goods of debt in their wake…


So for now I will listen to some crackling vinyl as I chose the item that needs to go next because it doesn’t fit my 1974 view of the world…



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