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Day 87 – My Weakness….

Seems some addictions are harder to kick than others…. I have been so good… I really thought I had it under control this time… This afternoon at 4pm I bought another chair….


Made in Melbourne by Danish De Lux… A company that made high end mid-century furniture…. As well as manufacturing furniture for Australia and overseas, Danish DeLuxe also manufactured chairs for the Australian Pavilion at EXPO 67 in Montreal, the Australian Academy of Science building in Canberra, and the Sydney Opera house… Their strong in-house designs and quality craftsmanship also enabled them to gain licenses to manufacture the work of designers like Hans Wegner & Niels Moller….



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Day 86 – The Little Book of Crazy…..

Sort of like a diary, but it just contains locations, times, symptoms and fund stuff like that… I started keeping a record just after I gave up smoking… It was becoming apparent to me that twitchy and gruff were not related to nicotine cravings… They were anxiety pure and simple… I had been self medicating with cigarettes to deal with the anxiety, which in themselves increased the symptoms… Catch 22 a day… I didn’t really need to track that to figure it out, but I do need it to self diagnose the rest of my issues… Yes I am in that rather analytical frame of mind that believes by tracking and cross referencing symptoms and situations I can eventually work out how to minimize issues… Not a cure, but a work around… Self medication is not an option, but to avoid it I need a way to get everything done that won’t send me into chemicals or ice-cream etc… Today has been one of those days (on the back of another one of those days) where everything is setting my teeth on edge… Return of the headache, feeling a bit like a staff member around the house and a disgruntled one at that… Lack of adult conversation coupled with the fear that I have forgotten how to “do” adult conversation… I have spent the last 12 hours drawing mud map style planes on bits of butchers paper, and looking up the prices of things, and then trying to find one of those things that isn’t made in china… Ethics and internet shopping are not friends… So sunday night is being spent hiding under a blanket on the lounge, in an attempt to placate the gods of tension headaches and resisting the urge to look up trepanning kits with express post….

Yes… I have noted “giant whiney baby” in the book…. along with a picture of my head and location of said headache…. So the little book of crazy will continue to grow, and hopefully twitchy and gruff will become less of an issue, and possibly characters in Snow White III – The rise of the dwarves….


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Day 85 – I Still Fancy Belinda…


You can leave a light on for me…. Spent the entire day listening to 70s rock and 80s hits…. Baking cookies (not 70s cookies)… Television free day today, my brain was close enough to porridge as it was… Maybe you do just reach a stage where you declare tv to be a load of rubbish, and go off to write a complaint letter about it?… I wasn’t in a letter writing mood so I just made cookies, tried to glue something together with a fancy two part adhesive (I won’t know if it worked till tomorrow)…. Coated my thumb in latex (nothing suss) and listened to Pink Floyd’s The Wall while scented candles burned and I drank chai….



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Day 84 – The Devil is in the Details…

‘The path of my life is strewn with cow pats from the devil’s own satanic herd!’…. Or in the case of today, bureaucratic nonsense and hoops to jump through, and distract me from doing something useful… I worked in a government job for a while, literally rubber stamping forms… It was the kind of job that made it very clear “you are here to trade your time for cash”, needless to say it didn’t take me long to realize that wasn’t a good deal….

After that I wandered for a while…

Not all those that wander are lost, sometimes they just don’t have anywhere to be for a while, so they are just killing time till they have to be somewhere…

I have somewhere to be, but not for a little while, so I am kind of wandering with a direction… Maybe that’s why dealing with the aforementioned bureaucrats today was so annoying, I was back in a creative mood… Nothing kills creativity like ticking two hundred boxes and trying to remember if I have a million dollars worth of shares I neglected to mention in question 143…. So I stopped at the op-shop on the way home and purchased an imp….


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Day 83 – Post-it Puzzles……

For a few weeks now my brain has been in that overdriven creative mode that some people mistake for happy… Now it has cycled back to analytical mode, that some people mistake for cabin in the woods depressed hermit… Now is the time to process all the random thoughts and ideas on post it notes and other random bits of paper into some sort of order… Sifting to see of there is anything workable in there, lends itself to late nights, coffee and solitude… The creative bit doesn’t require quiet, in fact I get derailed by silence when in a creative mood… Without distractions my brain seems to get bogged down in detail, creativity and detail are not friends… Analyzing the the scribbles, pictograms and other hard to decipher notes…. I was doing so well at turning ideas into plans this morning that by mid-afternoon I had a serious headache… So I bundled the children in the car and went out for a stress relieving drive and something to cook for dinner… I came back with less stress, some food and a $8 tribal pouffe from an opshop….


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