This is my rabbit hole, the place were I can scamper off to when I need to get my head in a more creative place, without the distractions of washing up and rampaging children…I even managed to wire up the light fitting, by cannibalising an extension lead… This will be the only room in the house that gets to stay in this “hobbit” eclectic style, but since it very small (200cm by 160cm), and it is separate to the rest of the house, so it can remain a cosy, cluttered space…











Of course there will be a few tweaks, a couple more pictures on the wall and a wire or two across the wall to hang current projects on… Hopefully it will fulfil its purpose, and create a flurry of creativity…

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2 thoughts on “DAY 57 – THE RABBIT HOLE….

  1. Love the look! Especially the shelves with all their bits and bobs and books! – Karen

  2. Fabulous! Just needs a big cup of coffee….

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