Day 54 – 5000 Green Bottles on the wall….

I did some so dodgy maths… I think I must have about 5000 items to sell, from large to tiny…. My guess is they would average out at about $5 each, maybe a 1000 items worth $2, 100 items at $100, 300 items at $40 etc… So being super conservative there is at least $25000 in items cluttering my house and garage (and storage unit)… Is 12 months enough time to get rid of all that? Hopefully… I really have reached that point where I want to simplify my life and move onto the next adventure… A bit of reinvention of myself, my life and my surroundings is something I crave… I am moving towards a less eclectic style in my house, I won’t call it minimalism, but it will be a lot less cluttered and more focused… Saturdays purchase of chair, resulted in the sunday sale of a sofa…


I needed the space, and this sofa did fit with the simplified look I crave, so it left in a truck less than 24 hours after I moved in the chair… So the “life editing” will continue this week, ebay, etsy, and Facebook pages will be filled with items that need to go… As they leave I will of course unpack boxes from storage to fill the gaps, until at some point there will be no boxes left to fill the gaps… Then there will be gaps, i like the idea of a house with gaps, you can actually see things when there are gaps…

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