Day 52 – Ode to Francisco Scaramanga….

Last night I started to write a blog entry titled Day 51 – My bedroom has become a superfluous third nipple… This was in part due to lack of sleep and a creative blockage the size of a large block of cheese… The cause of the creative block is still due to the money lender part of my brain being in charge, where the lack of sleep was caused by me trying to sleep in my bedroom, and not under a throw rug on the couch… My bedroom is now like that dinning room some people have that never gets used… It is like a museum exhibit, tidy, all the correct items in it, and fully functional in every way… But never used… Just like my bedroom… I swear I can hear Molly Meldrum introducing Foxy to sing this weeks countdown No.1 s-s-single bed, every time I go in there…


On a positive note I don’t need to make the bed often… or at all lately… My room is tidy and could fool an inspecting visitor into thinking I was a tidy and organised man… I could probably put one of those red velvet ropes they have in museums across the door, if it wasn’t for the fact I occasionally hide in there to read a book… but even them I tend to sit in the chair…


So it is more of a part time reading room, storage for a large wardrobe of clothes that don’t currently fit and an escape hatch to the rear deck when my head is going to explode I need to escape onto the back balcony for a surreptitious smoke… I will finish now… It is late… the kids are away for the weekend… and I have built a pillow fort on the couch to hide in….

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