Day 50 – It bends in the middle…

Imagine an old time carnival, now imagine a carousel, now replace the beautifully painted wooden horses with furniture…. Welcome to my world of revolving furniture…

Last week I moved my computer to a more function desk, which meant temporarily moving the 1900s farmhouse table, that I was using as a desk out onto the verandah till I could find somewhere else for it… Cue a week of misty rain and damp… I know have somewhere to put the table, but I also now have a table with a bowed top…


So today I moved the table back inside and piled it high with large art books and cast iron shoe lasts…


Hopefully it will flatten out… Because I have zero desire to remove the top, brace it, glue it and spend two days doing a job that shouldn’t need to be done…

PS – If I seem to be making the blog version of small talk at the moment it either means things are going well, or very badly…. Either way I am not ready to talk about it….

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