Day 48 – SAD…

Seems I am following Single Awareness Day with Seasonal Affected Disorder… The weather is getting to me at the moment, but it’s not the rain…. Rain I quite enjoy, but when you live on a mountain sometimes you don’t get rain delivered in the normal falling from the sky method, sometimes you get it from being inside the cloud… Being inside a cloud sounds like fun, but the reality is it’s just wet… Verandahs and awnings don’t work in a cloud, so you get wet undercover… Open a window, in comes the cloud, wet… No advertising department of apple, I don’t want to hear about storing things in the cloud… I have had enough cloud for a while…


My car is still full of the boxes I picked up on Friday… Now you could blame that on laziness, but I will shake my fist at Norse gods from my soggy boots instead… The desk moved outside to work on, wet, and now has a dozen bricks on it to stop it warping… I need a metaphorical brick for my sanity at the moment…

The children have cabin fever… They are getting on each other’s nerves and squabbling, which is actually fairly uncommon… But their squabbles are putting my nerves on edge… Sometimes I go stand in the rain cloud thing, just for a bit of peace… Wet is better than listening to arguments over who did what with who’s imaginary points in a game that I don’t even know the name of… I would take them out in the rain, but apparently my children have become they are made of fairy floss, and will dissolve if exposed to rain… Either that or they are just hoping to drive me nuts, so I hide in my room while they take control of the house… Evil geniuses in the making..

The positive side of being trapped indoors had been a serious dent in the house work, and lots of cooking with the ingredients at hand… Moved a bit of furniture to fill the gaps caused by sold items.. In fact that turned out to be a pleasant surprise, it’s been a while since there were gaps of empty space in my house, and it’s a little addictive… I am not saying I am about to go all minimalist, but I could used to a few empty spaces… There was a fine line between eclectic decorating and hoarder, which i may have crossed occasionally (ok more than occasionally), but I am back on the right side these days… In fact over the past few weeks I have even dared to consider a day when I am out of the “business” of buying and selling one day… I am sure I will never be 100% out, but I can see a point where I only buy truly rare bargain pieces, for my own use or a quick flip, I mean you don’t spend 20 years learning your trash from treasure and just walk away… I guess it has just become clear to me that I can’t move onto the next thing without wrapping up the last..

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