Day 46 & 47 – Six Months…

Pretty much to the day… Six months is how long it has taken me to undo the cost of my time in Bathurst… Financial cost I should make clear, other costs are still very much in the loss column… I paid out my credit card yesterday in full, bought a fortnights groceries in cash, all my bills are paid in advance and have a wallet with folding cash…

This is a massive change from when I left Bathurst six months ago it was on borrowed cash from my father and a full credit card or two…   Seems debt is good at following you, better than friends are… So as of today I have no Bathurst debt, or friends, it seems I am still feeling a little fragile after valentines day, or as some call it Single Awareness Day…

I must have sold a bit of stuff to do that, evidenced by not only the debt relief, but also by the fact that today I had a momentary worry that I would run out of stuff to sell… This  slightly hoarder thought, was quickly put to rest by (a) looking in the garage and (b) checking my bank balance… Checking the bank reminded me that I had simply converted the security blanket of salable stuff, into cash… Cash takes up less room than stuff, and doesn’t give you a back injury every time you move it… Unless you have a lot of it, or get it changed into 20 cent pieces… Which reminds me, Scrooge McDuck with that whole money bin diving thing… You can’t swim in coins, let alone dive in it… Diving into a bin of money would result in paraplegia…

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