Day 43 – Your Life on the Lawn….

I think it was 10 years ago?… A short lived show called “Your Life on the lawn” ran for a season, the idea was a team of people came to your house and got you sorted.. It was hosted by Pascal Fox (who I kind of fancied), and had a sorting expert, and a guy that sold your stuff… It was kind of a bit hoarders and antiques roadshow… They used to empty your house and spread it out on your lawn, hence the name… I was annoyed it only only lasted one season, it was better than most of the shows of its ilk and I really fancied Pascal, in fact the sorting expert was cute too… So why am I taking this trip down reality tv memory lane? Something in my head must have changed recently… Maybe the switch marked WANT STUFF/DON’T WANT STUFF got flipped?… I have been getting rid of stuff for a while now, but lately I have become a bit more evangelical about it… Some items which I didn’t think I would ever sell, have been sold with no dire results… In fact maybe it was selling those items that flipped the switch? If I can part with that, I can part with anything, type thing…


Tomorrow the chair I bought so my my ex-wife would have somewhere comfortable to breast feed our first child is going to be delivered to its new owner… It is a gorgeous chair that I will never be able to afford again, I know this because I saw the same chair in MYERS a week ago for $3999… Maybe I am not as sentimental as I thought… Or maybe I have just decided that objects are not memories, or not good memories anyway… Maybe getting rid of things that remind of good and bad every time I see them will let me exorcise the bad and the good might remain… As off the rails as it went, some days I miss my ex-wife.. For all the crap that went on she was clever enough to talk too, I miss talking to someone who could understand what I am talking about… I miss in – jokes!!!!

I would have to stocktake the house to see if the chair is the last item that remains from my marriage… If it isn’t, it would be one of the last…  If you don’t count the car, that is… But I do… The Cruiser is a great big symbol of failure, it wasn’t my choice of car… I didn’t pay for it…. and it reminds me of that stuff when I think about it…  So while the 365 of buying nothing new plan is in play, I think buying a new car would be breaking the rules… So unless I can work out a way around the rules I may have to wait till New Years Day… I am not good at patience… but I am excellent at finding loopholes…

Anyway I can’t do anything till I get all monk like and divest myself of stuff… The current rate of divestment is not good enough, so I am focused on turning all my vestments into investments… (See I think thats hilarious)…. So effort doubling, and stuff removal is the mantra…

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