Day 42 – Holes….

1am…. 3am…. 4:58am…. These are the times I was woken up this morning by a slightly mood 7 year old girl… Although she is very cute, and her habit of poking me in the forehead to see if I am awake used to be endearing, it is less so when I am feeling a bit sleep deprived… I am starting to think my ex-wife has a legitimate gripe about my rather liaise faire attitude to bedtimes, though I won’t be telling her that…

As a result of the small pointy finger shaped alarm clock I am a bit fuzzy headed today… I kind of pottered about the house, poked the phone occasionally to see if it wanted to talk to me… Ignored an email from my mother asking if she needed a new phone that could send SMS because only sends Texts (this is sadly true)… Talked to a parrot in the tree near my verandah, till it got bored and left…

Somedays it doesn’t seem like I am living up to my potential…. So maybe I will just continue to spend my days illustrating the lyrics of hipster songs, with heavy handed symbolism, and complain about the angst of all…


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