Day 37 – Big Fat Problem….

I got back from my morning brisk walk this morning, sweaty but happy with the fact that it is becoming a habit again… Got on the scales and damn!!! I have barely lost a kilo in the past 7 days, my super fancy scales try to placate me by telling me my body fat ratio is falling, but it still annoys me… Then I realised what the worst part about getting back into shape is for a fat person, you gain muscle at the same rate you lose fat for a while… I am not talking about losing weight by dieting here, just good old fashion activity… So my twenty minute brisk walks each morning and evening are not resulting in the kind of numbers I would like to see… I mean I don’t gasp like I did when I started, and I can actually feel myself getting stronger, but that doest change the figure the doctor writes down at my check ups… I know if want to drop actual kilos, i need to diet to… Otherwise I am just providing fuel for converting fat weight into muscle weight, and yes I know there will be a tipping point where I have built up so much muscle that it will consume fat at a higher rate… I know all the facts, but it doesn’t stop me getting frustrated…

The reason I don’t bother with weights and resistance training is because I am all ready carrying around more weight they most people can lift at the moment… I can run up a flight of stairs without getting puffed, a lot of people who think they are fit because they are thin might have to reassess their fitness if you made them carry a back pack with 50kilos in it every time they moved… It is like having a ruck sack filled with house bricks on every time I do anything… Thats why when I do train and exercise I get fit fast, Its kind of like boot camp everyday… So I can be patient and wait till the muscle/fat/exercise all comes into balance, or I can start restricting calorie intake as well… The problem is I find it easier to exercise a lot, than diet a little…



Last time I got committed to exercise and living well I managed to go from 170 Kilos+ of making Santa look anorexic….


To running around the sides of mountains in about 18 months… I even managed to stay at that weight for a few years, before the whole divorce, prozac and drama thing sent me into a dark place… Luckily I don’t have the same amount of weight to lose this time, so in theory it shouldn’t take as long? Maybe that is what is frustrating me, I just want the weight gone… Time to increase the exercise I think….

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