Day 36 – Holistic Living…

Today I opened a box of books, on top was ‘The long dark tea time of the soul‘… The sequel to ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency‘… Which was one of my favorite books as a child, and I still quote both books often, usually to blank looks… When I visited London I been made a pilgrimage to the grave of Douglas Adams, as the author of a book that gave me so much joy, it was definitely a pilgrimage and not a fan thing…

I haven’t read either book in a few years, so I sat and flicked through a few pages… The holistic method is a joy, and the interconnectedness of things is a wonderful way to view the world… There should be more of it…

So I embraced a bit of Dirks view of things today… Most of today I have been thinking about watching the new episode of Sherlock that night, Sherlock is played by the amazing Benedict Cumberbatch, who also plays Smaug the dragon in the hobbit movie, and the hobbit is played by Martin freeman who also plays John Watson in Sherlock… Now as anyone who knows anything about dragons, they love gold… And today I was sorting through scrap gold, getting ready to sell it… Something a dragon would never do, but a dwarf might?… While dwarfs covet gold as much as dragons, they also enjoy a drink and a song (usually about gold)… So maybe if I sell my gold instead of hoarding it, I can afford to go out drinking and have a bit of sing… and I can leave my VCR to watch the TV shows I don’t want to watch…


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